Victorina Gonzalez-dias

Victoria is a historical linguist whose research interests cut across three main research strands: grammar and semantics, stylistics and educational linguistics. Her recent work includes articles on the history and development of English Noun Phrase, Jane Austen’s language and a collaborative project on the APU archive that has produced the first historical corpus of British schoolchildren’s primary writing. As a member of the Writing over Time project, Victoria is particularly interested in exploring variation and change in children’s use of interpersonal language.

Elizabeth Parr

Prior to working at Liverpool Hope University, Elizabeth worked in primary schools across the northwest of England. Elizabeth works on the Primary English Team for Initial Teacher Education at Liverpool Hope and as a Senior Professional Tutor. Her research interests focus on the development of professional perceptions towards community-oriented schooling and pedagogical approaches to teaching Primary English.

Research Assistants

Sophie Flanagan

Sophie is in her third year at the University of Liverpool, studying English Language.  She is particularly interested in historical linguistics and language and gender. She has really enjoyed her time as a research assistant for the WOT project and has focused on researching children’s spelling mistakes in relation to gender.

Sinead Hook

Sinead, who is studying English Literature and Language in her second year, is an assistant as part of an Undergraduate Research Scheme. What interests her most are the effects that socio-economic, political and cultural aspects of life have on language use over time, causing ripples that will almost entirely change English as it grows through centuries. 

Emma Davies

Emma is currently studying to become a primary school teacher at Liverpool Hope University. Emma is really excited to be part of this research team, as she knows how important language can be. She is looking forward to seeing how language has changed and developed over the years. 

Daniel Howe

Dan is about to embark on his final year of primary teaching at Liverpool Hope University.  Dan has enjoyed the academic research across the two years of the course and is excited to be part of the Writing Over Time project. From Shakespeare to Stormy, English language has always been of interest to Dan, who is looking forward to seeing how it has changed over time.

Milo Keir

Milo is a second year Research Assistant studying English and Hispanic Studies. His main areas of interest are linguistics in the anglophone and Hispanic worlds, which he is hoping to study further in future academic projects. 

Gemma Goulding

Gemma is entering her final year of Primary Education at Liverpool Hope University. A keen reader, Gemma finds language very interesting and is intrigued to see the development of writing over time through this project. 

Laura Singendonk

Laura is a second-year student of English at the University of Liverpool. She is particularly interested in recent change in internet language.